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The Blueprint is a non-profit multi-media publication company founded to educate the youth on issues surrounding social justice, politics, and current events. Our objective is to provide youth with the educational tools necessary to come to informed conclusions and make knowledgeable decisions. We aim to empower marginalized groups and provide them with the inspiration needed to unapologetically live up to their full potential and know their worth. The Blueprint is a community for marginalized youth and allies to share their valued thoughts, experiences, and opinions. This platform attempts to give viewers the opportunity to use this community as a resource for minority youth improvement and future betterment. In times of injustice, The Blueprint provides youth with a voice to speak out and feel heard. We hope to reassure the marginalized youth that they are valuable- their people have contributed to society’s advancement in a multitude of ways, and despite being overlooked in the building process, ensure that they know that they are The Blueprint. This for youth, by youth multi-media publication company, wishes to show the power of a voice, ambition, and a helping hand.

A for youth, by youth online and print publication dedicated to promoting social justice and activism in the community through education, advocacy, empowerment, and support

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