ABC's of Social Justice 

A Working Glossary


A resource guide that discusses terms and definitions related to social justice and activism to facilitate informed conversations

By: Hina Haider

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Don't be a bystander to racism


We, as a nation, have hid behind the illusion that racism is a relic of the past, rather than a reality in the present.

By: Hina Haider


What it means to be an activist


Social movements have swept over America in waves. Yet, these violations of human rights soon leave our collective consciousness

By: Hina Haider


Importance of anti-racism in education


A classroom, like our nation, is not monolithic nor homogeneous. The myriad of identities, backgrounds, and experiences acts as the foundation for our diversity...

By: Hina Haider

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Identity and solidarity:

youth participation in social movements


The emergence of social movements, the protests around peace, autonomy, feminism, human rights, have reshaped the world’s democracies. 

By: Hina Haider

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Activism Through Allyship


As 2020 comes to an end, the time for reflection approaches heightened by the transpiration of burdensome events...

By: Samantha White