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Disney's Mulan: Corporate Activism

The legend of Mulan—a tale of a heroic young woman defying misogynistic gender norms—has been retold throughout centuries. Despite its journey across time, the cultural ties and importance remains the same...


Hina Haider

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Amid experiencing 500 years of oppression, fighting for social justice in the United States is nothing new to the Black community; however, as time proceeds, the forms of activism continue to evolve to align with modern day values...


Samantha White

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Who Does Superwoman Call When She Needs Saving?

Being a Black Woman has become synonymous with Superwoman. If world history has shown us anything, it's that these two descriptions can be used almost interchangeably...


Samantha White

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Rest Is Not The Enemy Of Change


There is no universal, objective standard for social justice; the concept is complex enough to define, let alone measure. Last year was a year of turmoil, and as we reflect on the progress we have made..

By: Hina Haider