What it means to be an activist


By: Hina Haider


Social movements have swept over America in waves. Yet, these violations of human rights soon leave our collective consciousness. Activists are attempting to keep the momentum of this movement going, but it is hard to speak up in a world that gets easily distracted. The strongest tool for activists and the youth is at the tip of their fingers. Online activism has allowed people to build platforms for social and political issues. With a click of a button, the narratives of people from across the globe become much more tangible. The youth has always been the epicenter of social activism, but now have the ability to turn their platforms into movements. Activism is more than recognizing the need for change; it is taking an active role in enacting change. The issue is: where do I start?

The scope of activism is being redefined by the youth. Signing a petition, linking resources in a post, raising awareness through blog posts are commonly seen on social media. Emailing representatives and joining protests is one way to shift activism from the digital sphere to the community. The ability to break the status quo by destigmatizing a topic online has led to many marginalized groups gaining access to a platform that uplifts them. Spread your story and your message through a medium you enjoy, whether that be art, music, a podcast. 


Activism requires action. Change doesn’t occur in a day. It is the consistent effort of individuals to continue a movement that leads to long-term results. Fight for causes you believe in by amplifying your voice. Use the tools of social media, online activism, and community involvement to create a difference.